Is David Cameron Literally Hitler ?

Censoring Inappropriate Content

David Cameron would like to setup filters at ISPs for all home users. These filters would sieve out content that is judged as "inappropriate" by the authorities. Only the subscriber would be authorised to deactivate the filters, and to do this, he/she must call the ISP and ask to disable the "extreme porn filter to save the children".

This would create an incentive to not disable the Internet Filter, those who do disable it would find themselves on a register and probably be considered a potential pedo-terrorist.

The "Internet filter" is supposed to be for "extreme porn" and child abuse, however this is not the first time Cameron has talked about doing this, last time it was reported that the filter would simply be to protect the people against anything "unsuitable". From December 2012: David Cameron has announced "radical" plans to help parents protect their children online by prompting them to tailor their computer settings to block internet pornography, violence and other unsuitable websites.

With such a large net setup by default, UK's Internet would be by default censored. Actually, the UK's Internet is already voluntarily filtered by most ISPs. Many ISPs use Internet Watch Foundation, a charity with a mission to censor the Internet. There are still some ISPs that resist, like Andrews & Arnold, read "Active choice is not a choice".

Rushed Petitions are More Valid

A petition against the filters was quickly published, it even got quite some traction, I couldn't sign it as it played along with Cameron's game. This petition blames "bad parenting" instead of facing the real issue, censorship of a media that is not controlled by the government.

Filtering the Internet is not a parenting issue. If Cameron were so concerned about kids learning to objectify women then perhaps we'd be talking about regulating billboards and all other adverts that one cannot avoid seeing in public places (printed on buses, cabs, etc).

This annoyed me to a point that I even proposed a new petition to not censor the Internet. I've been told it has better wording but because it didn't come first it's now counter productive.

Cameron and his Boycotts

People get bullied online, but also offline. However, when it happens online Cameron decides to push for a boycott of the website where the bullying occurred. We don't boycott schools and parks, we teach kids to talk about their problems with their parents, teachers, etc. Why should we react differently when it happens online ?

Speaking of offline bullying, when Russia becomes legislatively anti gay, then a boycott is not the appropriate action. That was Cameron's reaction to Stephen Fry's open letter to Cameron and the International Olympic Committee.

In one case the boycott rage legitimises the desire to control and regulate the Internet, in the case of the Olympics, it would be a blow to business.

Bullying and Censoring the Media

This happened after I had started this post. I don't even know where to start. The short version is that David Miranda (Glenn Greenwald's partner) was detained by UK border control because "terrorism". He was forced to give up his private data.

Cameron was given advance notice about Miranda's detention but there was no opposition to the detention. In fact, Number 10 said: Those who oppose this sort of action need to think about what they are condoning.

We also just found out about why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files. The UK government has had enough, Alan Rusbridger received a call from from the centre of government saying: You've had your fun. Now we want the stuff back.

Literally Hitler

David Cameron Literally being Literally Hitler

David Cameron with Hitler's moustache

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I'm sure Cameron knows what he's doing, even though I am convinced he has no clue how the Internet works (though that's the case for most people). Anyway, one of the Internet laws, Godwin's law, suggests that at some point I might start calling Cameron a Nazi. Some would say it's a bit far fetched, but let's not forget the "Go Home" campaign and the Don't go to England project. There's always more of this sort of stuff.

So now, it's with a pinch of humor that I ask, is David Cameron Literally Hitler ? Is he ?