"Like" this if You are Against Corporate Spying

Fuck me on social media

After the clear explanations of how various governments are spying on everyone using mostly popular web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Hotmail, Skype, etc etc, it's almost a surprise that nothing has changed. Half of the web still uses Google Analytics and an array of interactive "Like me" buttons on par with the animated GIF era web pages.

The worst comes from the "Pro Privacy Anti Spying" crowd. Not all of course, but enough for it to shatter any hope for progress. While most individuals might not understand how the spying works nor what to do, most of these "Internet Privacy Stop the Internet CCTV" groups should and do. Yet they continue, as if they weren't actively participating in the problem.

What I mean to say is, if you organise a protest and ask people to go to some obscure Facebook page for details and/or to RSVP then I can't take you seriously and I wish that you live in a totalitarian surveillance state ASAP.

What I also mean is if your "pro privacy" organisation runs a website that asks your visitor's browser to make themselves known to Google, Facebook and so many other compromised web corporations by simply loading your homepage then don't count on me ever again and I hope you realise you're failing your members/signers.

The saddest part is that the analytics, "likes", external JS, fonts, and all those other privacy compromising things are put there intentionally by the website operators. Up to recently some have been evading reality (they called it paranoia) still believing that Google would never do evil, even if Google is obliged by "laws". Now it's crystal clear, anyone that uses 3rd party services on their website has zero credibility when they speak against any form of spying.

If you are against government spying then why aren't you against corporate spying ?