Online Privacy vs Privacy

A quick word about the term "online privacy", or "Internet privacy".

I dislike when politicians and media talk about "online privacy". It's as if it's a specific notion that only applies to a virtual world detached from reality. Perhaps many discard its importance and translate it to "s...

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Stop government snooping on email and Facebook

If you are in the petition signing mood today OR you just do not feel very comfortable with the idea with the government reading every email (the ones they actually can read of course) as well as all facebook transmissions (for those still using it) and other online communications (where possible...

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Why I hate Ubuntu: Reason #14


You know how when you search for something within a search engine and the first results are adverts (sponsored links) ?

Now, you can get that feature right in your desktop environment ! Indeed Ubuntu has now added this thing, when you search for a program through the "len...

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Implementing Gravatar Properly

The other day a good friend of mine suggested I implement Gravatar on my website. So I started checking how it works and found it was incredibly easy. All I'd have to do use put an img element with a link to an md5 hash of the commenter's email. Like this: <img src="http://www.gravata...

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URL shorteners == privacy shortener

Today I would like to talk/rant about URL shorteners, these things that take a good old link and turn it into something short and obscure.

One day people realised that sending long links over some mediums such as email or instant messaging could be a pain as the link would sometimes be cut ...

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