The W3C has been Annexed by Hollywood

Mickey Pees On Altruists Association logo

As written on the W3C's Twitter feed: Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. joined W3C (no period at the end of the sentence either, standards are already breaking apart).

Microsoft, Google and Netflix have already been hacking away at the W3C's values, now the MPAA will help finish them off. While the first group's activities are largely if not exclusively web based, the MPAA has no reason to be part of the W3C, except that of pushing DRM and other forms of user control further. Maybe I'm wrong and their plan is Embrace, extend and extinguish.

The subject of DRM in HTML has been more than debated and discussed on the W3's mailing lists, though pushed to the Restricted Media list to keep the noise down. It has clearly shown that the W3C's concerns are not those of "the most people" but rather of "the most money".

Ars Technica claimed that DRM in HTML5 was a victory, I wonder what they think now.