The Future of the Internet

In some coffee shops you can easily get access to the Internet, what they do is just give you the password and voila. Neat right ? Anyway, these other coffee shops, chains to be precise, hire a 3rd party company to do it for them. So the other day I went in to one of them to get a coffee and an IP. This is what I noticed.. images.

Aircrack-ng blocked - Hacking
Piratebay blocked - Hacking; Peer-to-Peer(P2P)

And then, just to make sure I could feel the chilling effect of being censored... They blocked !! blocked - Adult/Mature Content; Newsgroups/Forums

Actually they blocked ALL of Reddit. blocked - Adult/Mature Content; Newsgroups/Forums

So there you go, the future of the Internet could be this.



Do you know the name of the 3rd party company? Who are they to categorize "legal" and "illegal" contents?

manu -

These coffee shops are using the services of, a BskyB company..

manu -

Actually, the clients of "" seem to have to option to use Bluecoat to filter out what the client (coffee shops, etc) want.

So the coffee shop I visited had filtered out the above websites, probably by having an "admin" (overpaid steve balmer fanatic) check a few boxes.

You can visit this page to re-review a website.. . .

I should note that at that same coffee shop, 4chan was visible, but not the adult section, yes only parts of 4chan were blocked.


I just got out of school and I don't have to put up with this crap anymore (finally).

It was funny, because there were more websites blocked by Websense than there weren't. At one stage I was compiling a list of legit sites I needed to research with, but it became too hard to maintain...


Hi Manu,

Yes, I agree that they aren't as evil as companies like Blue Coat, or even Cisco (selling equipment to China).

Sometimes I'm not really sure if it's the schools' fault or the fault of the software maker when stuff like this happens. Obviously a net cafe is a different situation to a school! But there is a point where it gets ridiculous.

Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling now, so I better stop...

manu -

Oh I totally agree with you, the first thing is people need to learn how to judge for themselves.. . They can't do that in a shielded/censored environment anyway.

Anyway, as you say, there is a point where it gets ridiculous. My experience in this coffee shop that uses Blue Coat gave me a taste of what a censored web browsing experience felt like.


Yeah, some people just love censorship; forced upon other of course.
I feel UKs ambition to be a "tad different" than the rest of the world is not really helping them anymore.
Already they have the most CCTV-ed cities in the world I think, and look at that crime rate how it's dropping! I can't believe it's not butter!
Now they want to do the same with the internets:

Mega cool!
Generally I thought that the best way to avoid terrorism and such is to just mind your own business and stop pissing off other people.

Why haven't I seen terrorist attacks in Romania or Czech Republic or even Germany?


Nice promising blog title :)
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