Okular and "DRM"

Copy forbidden by DRM

Today I wanted to copy paste something from a PDF file, because you know, technology and all that. To my surprise the option to copy as replaced with Copy forbidden by DRM message.

I found that Okular's obedience to DRM is an option that the user can uncheck.

All you need to do is uncheck "Obey DRM limitations"

All you need to do is uncheck "Obey DRM limitations"

What's also interesting is the thread okular: Arbitrarily enforces DRM on the debian-devel mailing list. I tend to agree that having this option active as a default makes no sense, actually, simply having such an option makes no sense.

Why would anyone want their computer to deny themselves the possibility to copy text from a file ? Is the goal to push people to develop faster and more precise typing skills or does someone actually think that such an option has an actual beneficial purpose to humanity ? Maybe right clicking is bad for your health and fake DRM wants to help ?

Some defend this saying that in a corporate environment blah blah blah... don't care. If you don't want your employees/co-workers or whatever to be able to copy paste text from a PDF don't send it to them.