CitizenFour Released on FacepalmOS

Yay, CitizenFour is finally released outside of the theatres. That's great because where I currently am there's no theatre that will play this film. What's not so great is that it is currently released exclusively for platforms that are known to be compromised.

This film that tells the story of how the U.S. government and its allies are working together with most major technology companies to remove as many of its citizen's privacy has been released only for devices that are known to be privacy disabled.

Perhaps I am a bit old school, a bit stuck to my principles of not wanting to intentionally "own" a device that watches over me. Even more so for me to be able to watch a documentary about how my device is being used to.... watch over me.

Poitras should take example from Louis CK who releases his material without DRM and without any middle man, directly from production to viewers.

What I do see, and I don't want to see it, is the intent to make a big hit, get some awards and recognition (well deserved), more than a desire to make an actual difference. Yeah okay, money, reimbursing taxis and plane tickets, I get it. I do get it, however my choice of software and hardware says I can't get it*.

* not legally at least.