I have found a public transportation system worse than the Parisian RATP. In total there are more lines affected than non affected.. : ]. It's totally out of control this Underground.

These are photos of the Transport for London website..

So, what's left of the underground ?
The colored lines are those that are closed

(to get from here to there I might just book a flight.. .... euh, that is if the travel agency doesn't go bankrupt and BAA doesn't go on strike* at the same time (as another volcano ash rainfall ?). ... .. gosh it's not easy getting around in this country.)

* just to be clear, I am NOT against the BAA strike. :]


Stop whining or go back to your country! Oh, wait, you are in your country. :-)
Well, sorry dude. Maybe try the buses?



It's actually mostly funny to see over half of the tube is down and it's totally "normal".. I mean compare to those who call support to complain when they lose 1 ping packet every 6 months... I'm softcore compared to that..

: ]
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