Nominet, Learn me the Internet


I noticed that Nominet has set up a website to educate people about how the Internets works. It's called Thing is, after 1 click I started to wonder if this was a lolsite or they were actually trying to educate people, I say this because I agree people should know a few theoretical things to get a better understanding of this thing we call the "Internet". But worse than ignorance is false knowledge. Examples.

Web Server

A web server distributes the load over a number of computer servers. If a site you look at is very slow its usually because its not got a web server, therefore the load cannot be shared.


A computer connected to the internet that maintains a collection of related web pages, images of videos on the World Wide Web. A website is typically accessible from the same URL.

Data Protection

A description for the data protection glossary term.

There are a few other gems out there. The idea is cool, but, I mean. Hmmm. : ]