Bing - Finding 404 Pages

I noticed a few too many 404 hits while doing some spring cleaning. Those hits were mostly caused by Bing's Bingbot.

As often, I started to question everything I've ever done. Do I have broken links somewhere ? Is the sitemap broken ? What about the RSS feed ? I'm sure I...

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Skype Pwned by MS

Microsoft has purchased Skype. Now I'm wondering what is going to happen to this software. I know its never been Free Software, however in it's early days it was directly available for GNU/Linux at a time where most other software vendors would not consider platforms other than windows and macos...

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Reporting Spam to hotmail


I have been receiving some spam from authenticated hotmail users lately, so I thought it could be useful to report it to them. Remembering some of the Microsoft logic I decided to use the Bing search engine to find out what kind of process they may have set up for the common people to use. Of c...

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