Skype Pwned by MS

Microsoft has purchased Skype. Now I'm wondering what is going to happen to this software. I know its never been Free Software, however in it's early days it was directly available for GNU/Linux at a time where most other software vendors would not consider platforms other than windows and macos. Another thing is that I have to admit that it does work and it works well.

So what will happen next ? I predict they will first drop the GNU/Linux version. Then they will of course drop the p2p system and prefer a centralised method that will make it less efficient... Good side is that maybe more work, technical and promotional, might go into XMPP + Jingle (Jabber) and that would be cool. In the meantime, brb need to delete an account.


Nux -

I think MS will keep developing this for all platforms, although I don't see how they will continue to use QT; they will probably switch to .NET or smth... which is bad news for Linux users indirectly (mono?).
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Bonjour , avant je pouvais communiquer avec l'Ukraine grace à SKYPE, comment faire maintenant? Merci.

manu -

Bonjour Carlier,

Je pense que vous pouvez toujours utiliser Skype pour l'instant, fin d'un point de vue technique en tout cas.

Sinon, il existe depuis toujours d'autres méthodes qu'il faut essayer comme XMPP/Jabber. Avec Jabber vous pouvez soit créer un compte sur un serveur publique ou alors carrément monter son propre serveur Jabber (tuto sur ce site, mais qu'en anglais pour l'instant (cliquez sur "English" si vous voulez le voir)).
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