LulzSec versus FBI


The U.S. government has declared that hacking can now to be considered an act of war in certain circumstances. Until now when someone hacked into a system they could eventually be traced and get some fine or even prison time and such. Now if it's an act of war, well, I guess they consider they can now just bomb your place or something. I'm not sure how this really works.

Lulz Security, or LulzSec, is a serious organisation that doesn't like to laugh. So they hacked into some FBI affiliated website,

Permission denied on
just for the fun of it, they had to it was Friday. They seem to be doing this to demonstrate that it's a ridiculous concept that seems to say "we don't know how to secure our databases so... you know, we'll resort to fists".

Read more about lulzsec releases, and if that is down a report of this incident can be found here.