Debian: How to restart networking


In the olden days you could easily restart the network stuffs by using the init scripts, like: /etc/init.d/networking restart That was very useful if you needed to change your IP, add an interface or something.

Unfortunately, in recent versions of Debian, this no longer seems to work. I've searched and searched, I've asked and I've tried. There seems to be ways, not reliable though and definitely not easy to remember. "service networking restart" doesn't do what it should do, restart the network.

There's not a clue on how to restart the network on the Debian Wiki page for network configuration. The closest thing to a solution I could find was this sad bug report.

In the end, I did figure it out. To restart networking on Debian do this: reboot This works. Update the networking config in /etc/networking/interfaces and reboot the computer. That's how you can reliably reset your interfaces. The other solution is to never have to change any settings.