Debian: How to restart networking

In the olden days you could easily restart the network stuffs by using the init scripts, like: /etc/init.d/networking restart That was very useful if you needed to change your IP, add an interface or something.

Unfortunately, in recent versions of Debian, this no long...

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Best Open Source Server Distribution

And not just that, it's also won the "Outstanding Contribution to Open Source/ Linux/Free Software" award at this years Linux New Media Awards. We are all happy to finally have a Free Debian distribution, remember, if the hardware doesn't work with the Free kernel then you should ...

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Good old [Debian] oldstable... .

I have noticed lately in a few bug reports that oldstable, Lenny, seems to have fewer security issues than the new stable, Squeeze. The most common phrase in the latest security updates is:

Packages in the oldstable distribution (lenny) are not affected by these problems
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