Debian Patch for Apache Killer

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The past week has left 65% of the Interweb (the part of the Internet that cat lovers use most) was trembling with great ph34r as CVE-2011-3192 has been out there causing people to pull their hair out while coming up with RewriteRules that could save the day while we wait the "in 48 hours fix" which just didn't come in time...

Well actually, I personally didn't mind as a little DDOS would have just given me an excuse to just shut down the web server for a few days and use my bike a bit more...

In any case, I don't know about your favorite distribution, buy mine has just released an official patch that also addresses another issue...

So voila, update/upgrade your Debian server and you can now sleep tight, that was the last vulnerability for Apache for *ever*.



Thanks! For those who are looking for more detail, this can help too.
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