Louis CK - Cutting Out the Middle Man Again !

Last year Louis CK bypassed a lot of crap to deliver his show directly to his fans for a 5$ a download, without DRM, istore or any of those useless obstacles. It was a success and now he's taking it further.

The idea is simple, sell tickets directly to the fans. Again Louis CK will cut out the middle man which are the ticketing services (they charge up to 40%). Another middle man, perhaps even worse are the ticket brokers, they tend to buy up as many tickets as they can get their hands on with the only goal being to sell them for as much as possible. Prices to these shows are already very expensive as is, with this scheme popular artist's shows become insanely expensive.

Louis CK says: if you try to sell the ticket anywhere for anything above the original price, we have the right to cancel your ticket (and refund your money) I really like this, a ticket costs 45$ but if you want to see his show you should not expect to pay more. This is great for the actual fans.

Louis, I've not given you any of my money so far (long story) but I really like what you are doing, it shows that you work for the fans more than for the money. I heard of you only because of your DRM-free "Live at the Beacon" show (sorry, I illegally downloaded it to see who you are, you may sue me) and now I am a fan.

Thanks Louis CK for your efforts in re-connecting fans and artists.